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Village Pearls
Teachers & Authors

Dr. Monique - Founder of Ancestor U & Village Pearls

Dr. Monique E. Hunt PhotoInterviews with villagers in remote villages in Fiji, her passion for the Science of Happiness and her gifts as a third generation intuitive, have made Dr. Monique, the Village Intuitive, a sought after expert on how to be happy now with help from your higher guidance.  She believes our obsession with success and self-sufficiency is undermining our pursuit of happiness.  She knows from personal experience that friendship, togetherness, belonging, and a deep connection with your Spiritual Village of Angels, Ancestors, and Spirit Guides are the vital ingredients in the recipe for happiness.


Dr. Monique’s Spiritual Retreats, Virtual Retreats and Wisdom from the Village Program teach you how to partner with your Spiritual Village to build the inner foundation needed to create meaningful relationships and live your Soul’s purpose.  She knows that these are the factors that make for an abundant and happy life.


Dr. Monique is the collaboration director and author of “Village Pearls: Sacred Practices to Nourish Your Soul.”  “Village Pearls” includes spiritual practices used by 21 dynamic spiritual teachers to help them live their purpose and connect with their Village of Angels, Ancestors, Spirit Guides, and community.  Dr. Monique has been a presenter for events and organizations such as PG&E, EMC Corporation,  United States Coast Guard, Toastmaster’s Conference, Blacks in Government Organization, Women’s Empowerment Conferences, Community Action of Napa Valley, CSU Sacramento, University of San Francisco, and The San Francisco Business Renaissance Center.

In 1998, Dr. Monique traded in her corporate office for a home office and started her business as an intuitive counselor. She has a BA in Construction Management Engineering with a minor in math and business, an MA in Metaphysical Counseling and a Ph.D. in Metaphysics.  Dr. Monique works with clients internationally, spreading her message; Happiness is a Choice, and Your Guides Can Help You!

To learn more about how Dr. Monique can support you with connecting with your Spirit Guides, Angels, and Ancestors on your journey to happiness, visit her website.

Dr. Monique’s Facebook Page:
Ask Your Spirit Guides – Spirit Village
Village Pearls Community –
Gratitude Village –
Twitter –
Paul Hoyt, Mentor to CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Executives

Paul Hoyt PhotoPaul Hoyt, the managing partner of Hoyt Management Group and best-selling author, has led hundreds of CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and executives from around the globe through their unique journeys of business and professional growth and discovery. His expertise, strong passion, and comfort “from the boardroom to the boiler room” propel professionals and organizations from countless industries reach the professional and personal success they want.

His experience and extensive knowledge in the key performance areas of business enable him to analyze and assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and gaps of a business, co-developing effective plans, strategies, and actions needed for successful expansion and growth. His powerful mentoring and execution support have supported Oracle, EDS, Litton Industries, Qwest Cyber Solutions, and hundreds more clients and businesses of all sizes to achieve a new level of success with improved profitability, productivity, and growth.
Paul continues to inspire his clients, team, and community as a mentor and consultant, board member and financial advisor to dozens of companies, veteran entrepreneurs, non-profits, foundations, and many other organizations across the country on their business and professional journeys of growth and discovery.
Allurynn Daugherty

Allurynn is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, Certified ARTbundance™ Coach, Certified Angel Card Reader, and Certified Usui and Tibetan Reiki Master.  Aside from the labels, Allurynn is a Creative at Heart, Miracle Embracer, Sacred Space Holder, Nature Lover, and an Alchemical Healing Channel.
Allurynn’s passion is to help you connect with your inner healer.  She holds Sacred Space in which you can do your own healing.  In Sacred Space, you feel safe, nurtured, and loved as you are.  Through a Co-Creative Coaching relationship, Allurynn teaches you to use Creativity and Sacred tools, for self-exploration and self-discovery.  This allows you to feel emotions, find release, and receive knowledge from within; as you transform Energies, Vibrations, Emotions and Consciousness from one form to another.  It promotes alignment, empowering you to achieve your most vibrant juicy life.
Art, Journaling, Essential Oils and modalities such as Aromatherapy, Affirmations, Chakra Balancing, Energy Work like Reiki and Energy Clearings, and healing with Crystal Jewelry, are some of the Sacred tools she’s collected on her own healing journey.  As a student of life-long learning, she continues to collect sacred tools, which she shares with you.  Tools for you to explore, to allow you to live an empowered life with Grace and Ease.
When you are empowered, you walk in beauty and in love, your inner light shines bright; which leads the way for others, together we can heal this beautiful planet Earth.
Anita Johnson
Anita Johnson Photo

Anita R Johnson, the Financial Psychologist, is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer, and founder of Money Wisdom for Women. After coming to California, Anita knew she was going to be a leader in the area of finance.


Anita has over 30 years of experience in Accounting, Taxation, & Finance, helping entrepreneurs find their financial voice. After settling into entrepreneurship in 1998 with Anita R Johnson & Associates as the parent company, she quickly founded Money Wisdom for Women to help women upgrade their unhealthy financial habits to healthy habits, helping them make sound financial decisions.


Anita takes a holistic approach to money, focusing on enhancing your financial well-being while understanding your emotional behavior around money. Anita knows once a client understands their anxiety around money; he/she can make clear and concise money decisions that will affect your legacy.


Anita has spoken and counseled a number of organizations along with receiving awards while sitting on a number of boards and commissions. Let Anita guide you to find Your Financial Voice.

Financial Mindset + Financial Knowledge + Financial Power= Your Financial Voice
Atim Kavi

Atim KAtim Kavi Photoavi uses both her hard-core money skills and a mystic connection to help you tune in to making money fun & easy.  She’s a former Fortune 500 consultant, Mom and number crunching genius.

From the nuts and bolts of business, money and numbers to her Money & Astrology secrets she’s got a multitude of tools to eliminate your money stress.

She’s managed millions of dollars and over a billion dollars in decisions have been made based on her work.  Her corporate, entrepreneurial and healing gifts mean she can help your business in ways few people can.  It’s time to move past the struggle with money.  Don’t just make it, Keep It!

Brenda Pearce

Brenda Pearce Photo

Brenda Pearce RN has been a Registered Nurse for more than 3 decades.  In her years of practice she has worn many hats.  She has seen life come into and leave this world, and lives in awe of the life process.  It is the dash of time in between that she focuses her work as The Empowered Nurse.  She triages Body, Mind & Spirit through her best selling books, inspired podcasts, TV Show, and eFactor Media Network.

Connect to her Amazon Author Page Here
Watch episodes of her TV Show ‘Oxford
eFactor Media Network
Cathy Black

Certified Transformational Business Coach Cathy Black has the innate ability, and intuitive wisdom needed to trigger massive shifts in spiritually-minded feminine entrepreneurs. A firm believer in the fact that more money in the hands of great women means more great things will happen, she illuminates a path her clients to awaken the feminine power, mindset and energy that lives within them.


For more than 25 years Cathy has been on her transformational journey. Leading by example, she has invested more than $100,000 in her awakening, under the guidance of the foremost thought leaders in the feminine power entrepreneurial movement. As a result, she’s released negative thought patterns and embraced life-changing philosophies and now guides others to do the same. Through her program, The New Money Path, Cathy shares the secrets to fulfillment—guiding her community to a place of alignment with their purpose so they can receive abundantly and become the change makers they were created to be.

Charan Surdhar

Charan Surdhar is a geneticist turned epigeneticist. After earning a BS in Microbiology, and an MS in Human Genetics, she worked in the field of genetics for 13 years, identifying genetic mutations for a host of genetic diseases and contributing to many scientific papers as well as textbooks. She is now in the revolutionary new field of epigenetics.  She works specifically with genetic diseases, assisting with the release of energy in the form of emotions, beliefs and perceptions that get in the way of the natural flow of the body to bring about positive gene expression. She is also the author of a book (, and her passion is to create animated videos to explain in a simple way, concepts such as epigenetics, which you can find on her youtube channel.


Charan leads the paradigm shift in the revolutionary new field of epigenetics. She was featured on the Hidden Science TV show, and also in the upcoming movie Punk Science.  She has her own BlogTalkRadio show, once a month at

Skype: charan200
Here is the link to my fun video on Bursting the Bubble on Genes:
Dana Rivera

“Every person’s story matters.  No matter how seemingly small or big,
they all have an impact and deserve to be recorded.


Hey there! I’m Dana Rivera, Video Vision Mentor for spiritual, purpose-driven online women entrepreneurs.


In a former life, I was a documentary filmmaker, creating online short films for nonprofits and corporations. I was on the front lines of crafting strategies for how video aligned with their core message, filming interviews and events, editing their content into finished meaningful videos and implementing marketing plans. The results: Rapid growth of their YouTube channel, increased awareness of their mission and jumps in reaching their fundraising goals.


BUT, I had $50,000 in student loan debt and was desperate to get rid of it. In my search for side jobs, I discovered the online business space and saw that women entrepreneurs were bursting at the seams with meaningful stories and ways that they wanted to serve other people, but they were overwhelmed with the whole notion of video marketing. They needed precisely what I had been doing for non-profits at my full-time job and within a year of beginning to help these women, I wiped away half of my debt. Now it’s my mission to help spread inspiring stories, foster community, and cause some amazing change.

Elizabeth Kipp
Elizabeth Kipp Photo

Elizabeth Kipp is a naturalist, recovering chronic pain patient, and a Health Facilitator and Empowerment Coach helping people to step into the power of their healing and live a fully heart-centered life. She has over four decades of experience in bringing people together, resolving conflict, using generative communication, and helping to build community cohesiveness. She works with women and patients helping to empower them to tap into their ability to heal and build effective health care teams. Her gifts lie in guiding people to discover and dissolve barriers and limitations within themselves, enabling them to live a life of profound love, joy, and connection both within and with others. Elizabeth’s passionate joy is in living life.  Her personal journey to discovering her innate power to heal, find profound and lasting self-love and authenticity – including shifting of beliefs built as a reaction to physical and emotional trauma and abuse, domestic violence, and addiction – provides the basis of her role as a facilitator, coach, mediator and motivational speaker. She offers one-on-one and group coaching, ancestral clearing, coping skills around chronic pain, EFT/Tapping and how to tailor this powerful practice to work for you in the moment, empowerment coaching, generative communication, and conflict resolution.

To connect with Elizabeth, please visit her at:
Elizabeth Locey, Ph.D

Elizabeth Locey, Ph.D., is a Way-Shower, Oracle, and Crystal Sage. She helps women and select men to expand and walk their intuitive edge right to their Greatness. A prominent entrepreneur recently said of Elizabeth: “as an Oracle, she shines when guiding people through their darkest fears into Love.” Indeed, the very first answer she received from her Akashic Records in 2008 was “You are a Truth Teller with capital T, and when you sing your Truth Song, imprisoned angels are set free.”


Elizabeth made a sharp right turn after a distinguished 13-year academic career, during which time she became an award-winning professor of French & Women’s Studies, a well-known scholar and leader, and on her 35th birthday she was named chair of her department and installed as a top elected officer in her international professional organization.  On 01/01/10, no doubt spurred on by the Blue Moon of the night before, she quit her guaranteed-salary-for-life job. With one click of the “send” button, she went from being a socially sanctioned Wise Woman (academic teacher/scholar) to picking up her staff as a spiritual teacher/channel/healer, and she has never looked back.


Elizabeth has been interviewed on the radio and telesummits dozens of times, and you can read her personal development work on her blog and in the best-selling volumes The Power of being a Woman (2015), and Conversations that Make a Difference (2013). Consider contacting her if you are looking for a powerful speaker for your next event.

If you are at a crossroads and looking for Divine answers, doing Oracle work with Elizabeth may be the perfect solution. Be warned, however: getting access to your Soul Truth and healing fears and self-sabotage can become addictive! She also offers a 3-level certification program in crystals, starting with CrystalCRUSH. And the Rock Your Intuition intensive to do just that. Pumping up your Third Eye was never such fun. Join her at and be sure to reach out to her—she loves to hear from people she has touched.
Geraldine Mungine

Geraldine Mungin – Author & Speaker Gerri worked for 30 years as a computer programmer and project manager in corporate America. Currently retired, she makes her home in New York City though she’s lived in Northern California, Georgia, and North Carolina.

In January 2014, Gerri lost her husband of 41 years to a rare cancer and five weeks later, her 41-year-old son to complications arising from grand mal seizures.

Her journey through loss and grief has inspired her to seek ways to help others.  She is currently working on both a blog and a book on loss and grief. Gerri is a registered yoga teacher and has found community, yoga, and meditation to be especially helpful throughout her lifetime and especially through these very difficult and challenging times.


Gerri’s book, From Lemons to Lemonade will be available in March, 2016.

Connect with Gerri at  Her blog will inspire you!
Facebook: From Lemons to Lemonade by Gerri Mungin
Jeanette C. Espinoza
Jeanette Coats

Jeanette C. Espinoza is a native of California and moved to Atlanta, GA in 2000.  She has always had a desire to write and as a child often opted for a pencil to “tell stories with” as opposed to crayons for coloring.  She began her writing career as a novelist. However, her heart was drawn to writing messages that encourage and help make a positive difference in people’s lives.

She began writing inspirational quotes accompanied by messages and affirmations which eventually morphed into her debut book, Jeanette’s Jewels:  Positive Affirmations for the Spirit.  After completing her first book, she decided to narrow her focus to speak directly to single, middle-aged women, encouraging them (and herself) to live their best lives and find their inner power to be or do anything imaginable.  Her vision is to inspire women to value themselves, maintain a high level of self-esteem, and to relish their life’s journey as viable and fiercely fabulous single women.

Affectionately known as the voice of “the single woman of a certain age,” Jeanette’s blog, Instagram, and Twitter accounts have a following that continues to increase on a daily basis.  Her timely messages and quotes delivered with a relatable, humorous, yet inspirational tone have touched the lives of many and have helped to solidify her brand as a true messenger of positivity and inspiration for middle-aged singles who are living their lives in the meantime.

Her follow up book in the Jeanette’s Jewels series, Love Yourself Before Loving Someone Else is scheduled for release in Spring of 2016.

Purchase your copy of Jeanette’s Jewels: Affirmations for the Spirit today!
Jim Phillips
Jim Phillips Photo

Jim Phillips is a gifted speaker, author, seminar leader and certified L.I.F.E., spiritual and business coach. For the better part of 30 years, he has been an entrepreneur and business leader inspiring others to higher levels of achievement through his presentations and seminars throughout the United States and parts of Europe.


His true passion, however, is the exploration and application of spiritual law as it applies to prosperity and overall quality of life. One of Jim’s gifts is his ability to help others understand and apply complex spiritual concepts to their personal life. This has lead to the development of his L.I.F.E. Coaching program. (LIFE- living in full expression)


Jim’s first book, The Key to LIFE, Living In Full Expression, is the result of a knowing and understanding that he had a very specific message to share of our connection to Divinity. This message was to be shared when the time was right; that time is now.


Never has there been a time in the history of humanity when there was a greater need to understand who we are and why we are here. Never has there been a time in the history of humanity when there have been more people open and receptive to this message.


His second book, From Inspiration to Intention, released this year, is an e-book that delves deep into the theme of how we create our life experiences whether conscious of it or not.


To learn more about the availability of his books, to schedule a FREE L.I.F.E. Coaching Legacy Session please email Jim at or visit his website at

You can also sign up to receive updates and special promotions
Follow on Twitter at: @inspired10
Cathy Black
Jennifer Urezzio New Photo

Jennifer Urezzio specializes in helping people connect – to themselves, to each other, and to the Divine. She founded a new paradigm, Soul Language, which provides guidance for understanding our true nature and tools for accessing deeper levels of awareness. This new insight into how the Soul expresses itself is being embraced by top healers, lifestyle coaches, and CEOs all over the world as a method for helping people recognize their purpose and live from a place of power and truth.  To learn more visit:

Jennifer just release her second book, A Little Book of Prayers, which can be found at
Kari Kelley
Kari Kelley Photo

Kari Kelley, author of the book Black, Blind, and Female, keynote speaker and vocalist, passionately shares her message of courage and inspiration.

Kari has been a featured speaker, author, and vocalist on a wide variety of stages, panels, radio and TV shows throughout the United States.   Kari was featured in the May 2014 issue of Landmark Insights highlighting the creation, production, and performance of her one-woman show “Somebody Else’s Child.”  In 2015, Kari was featured on the cover of the May issue of “I Am Enough” magazine. Kari has entertained at sold-out networking events around Northern California, and she currently co-hosts a weekly radio show.

Kevin Smith

Kevin-Smith-Photo-e1457654457120-150x150Kevin Smith is an optimal health coach who encountered a personal life threatening illness and was driven to find ways to bring about natural healing for him. Kevin spent countless hours researching and reading to becoming an expert in a natural approach to optimal health.

In Kevin’s quest to obtain optimal health, he eliminated the consumption of meat products from his diet, yet he does not refer to himself as Vegetarian or Vegan. Kevin calls himself a Naturalist because he believes his diet is one of a higher consciousness than being a vegetarian or vegan.

Higher consciousness is essential to gaining control and power over one’s self and their behavior.  Kevin teaches and coaches higher consciousness as an essential tool in getting control of bad eating habits, preventing illness, eliminating disease, and creating a discipline that will positively impact other areas of one’s life.

Kevin created a systematic process to help him and others attain optimal health.  Using this system, he lost 35 pounds, no longer need blood pressure medication or any medication. His triglycerides levels were dangerously high, and now they are excellent. Kevin’s cholesterol was high, and now it is extremely good. His weight is stable, and dieting is not even a part of his vocabulary. Kevin’s vital signs are better at 63 than they were at 33. He is a firm believer in the adage, “when you have your health; you have wealth.”

Kevin’s coaching approach recognizes the vulnerability of individuals; consequently, he assists by taking inventory of your food consumption to identify a single food item that is detrimental to obtaining optimal health. Perhaps you consume large amounts of sugar, salt or processed foods. Kevin helps you select one item to begin your journey to better health.   He assists you with maintaining mastery or control over this single item, one item at a time. It may take a week or two per item, but mastery will occur. Kevin will support you with creating a visualization that will support you in achieving your goals. Next, his coaching will continue to guide you to achieve personal goals.  This process will take time; it is not an overnight process, but then your current condition did not happen overnight.  To overcome your condition, you must stick with the process that will increase the self-confidence that you can and will be successful. As a result, you will discover that you can be in full control of yourself not only about food but also about any pleasure or desire. Mastery of one’s self and desires is a powerful life changer.


If you are ready to have excellent health and lose weight, join Kevin’s
Facebook group – The Health Connection – Body, Mind, and Soul.

Kim Wilborn
Kim Wilborn Photo

Kim Wilborn’s passion is to help people connect to their True Selves and express their soul purpose by working with high-vibrational Guardian Beings.  As the founder of, she teaches practical ways to connect with the Guardian energies all around us.

Kim specializes in sharing down-to-earth ways to:
~Connect with a team of Guardian beings

~Move past the blocks and obstacles that are keeping you from sharing your gifts with the world

~Experience the fulfillment that comes from showing up fully in life as who you are meant to be!

Kim is a certified Hypnotherapist and an Intuitive Coach. For many years she saw clients on a weekly basis in her office, helping them reconnect with their True Selves and get their lives on track. Now she works from home, reaching a global audience through her online programs and telesummits that focus on the subjects she loves.

Kim believes the purpose of life is to bring the energy of love into physical form here on the earthly plane; creating a life that FULLY expresses who you are, and what you love.

Novanna Hunt

I am Novanna Hunt, a septuagenarian who has lived a wide range of personal and professional roles including; daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, friend, widow, entrepreneur, retiree, elementary school teacher, director and grant writer for a county-wide nonprofit, and human resource director for two county-wide nonprofits.


While all of these are simply labels, titles or activities, I trust that as a result of the totality of the experience I’ve gained from them, I am simply a good person.  One who loves, cares, listens, gives and is always learning to be better.  One who is grateful, honest and lives each day with integrity and purpose.


My favorite activities are family gatherings, spending time with my grandchildren, watching baseball and football games, camping, travelling, reading, writing, scrapbooking and listening to music.  I am keenly interested in history, especially my family history.  I want to continue to learn and grow every day.


I have a BA in Public Administration, a certificate in Human Resource Management, and I am a graduate of the Coaches Institute of San Rafael, CA. However, I believe my 30 years of service and management in the nonprofit human service sector, my community volunteer work, and my 50 years of parenting are what provide me with so much fuel.

I am a published writer and proofreader.  I have written narrative essays about my life experiences, my thoughts and my observations hoping to convey what I’ve learned.  Recalling my experiences motivates me to grow from them. Sharing my experiences in the spirit of helping to inspire or motivate others brings me joy and satisfaction.
Linkedin –
Shefali Burns
Shefali Burns Photo

Shefali Burns had a perfect life, or so everyone thought. She had a nice house, a good husband, wonderful children, supportive family and friends, and a good job. How many of you think if you had everything you wanted in life you would be happy? Shefali thought the same thing. After suffering in silence for over twenty years, she realized the entire world she had created did not align with her true joy and happiness. Shefali finally acknowledged that her life did not make her happy, and she was feeling empty and dissatisfied. She decided then, and there she would have to change her life no matter the cost. Over the past five years, Shefali Burns has left her marriage and found true love; she left her government job and now works in a career field making a difference globally.

Shefali Burns is a transformation consultant and catalyst for change. She is a speaker, author, healer, coach, entrepreneur, founder/creator and host of Awaken To Happiness Now and Shifting With Shefali. Shefali helps people to awaken to their fullest potential and transform their lives.

Shefali Burns is on a mission to inspire and self-empower you to live authentically in joy, ease, and love and to realize your full potential, live the life of your dreams, and access happiness in every moment. She believes that life is meant to be happy and filled with joy, light, and laughter.

Shefali Burns is passionate about helping you to discover and connect to your “shine signature” and be more of who you truly are in your personal and business life. Your “shine signature” is unique to you. It is your presence, your core, it is what makes you “you”. It is your inner being, your beingness. It is time to BE who you truly are. It is time for you to SHINE!?

Tambra Harck
Tambra Harck Photo
Think: Practical Idealism… and you have a sense of how Tambra Harck blends the material and mystical worlds in service to humanity and Life.

Tambra is a deep-wisdom teacher and guide, providing innovative ways to bring people and possibilities together. For more than 30 years, Tambra has inspired thousands of clients, students and audiences to access their highest expressions, and to live soulful, joyous and contributing lives. A life-long mission has guided her to found nuVolutions, a mystery school for our time. Here souls from around the planet gather to usher us all into a new way of living, leading and loving… and to experience ‘heaven on earth’ now and in our future.