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Village Pearls Purple

Sacred Practices to Nourish Your Soul



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Village Pearls
Spiritual Practices to Nourish Your Soul

Village Pearls – Spiritual Practices to Nourish Your Soul is an exceptional anthology filled with spiritual practices and wisdom from some of the most sought after spiritual teachers of our time.  21 Spiritual Teachers share over 30 spiritual practices and affirmations they use to live an abundant, happy, successful and healthy life.  Each chapter takes you on a deep Soul Journey that will help you connect with the wisdom and guidance from your Divine Village of Spiritual Guides to enhance your life.  The Spiritual Practices and rituals in this book are designed to increase your flow of abundance, release stress, boost your happiness and create a deeper connection with your Divine Village of Angels, Ancestors, Spirit Guides, and the Creator.

Are you seeking new ways to experience a deeper spiritual connection? 
Do you want to walk your Soul’s path more fully?

The spiritual practices in this book are easy to incorporate into your daily life and will assist you on your spiritual journey.  The 21 inspirational co-authors from four countries will inspire you and show you how to create your personal spiritual practice.  Foreword by Paul Hoyt.


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