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Do you want to
make a BIG difference
in the world but
you are not sure how?


What would your life look life if you were able to:

Live Your Soul's Purpose?
Create Extraordinary Relationships?
Thrive in your Business or Career?

Be Happier?

Love yourself more?



You CAN and it is easier than you think! 

Your Ancestors are joyously waiting to support you on your life journey!  


It is their assignment in the Spirit World.


Learn how to create a partnership with your Spirit Elders that will make life easier and more fulfilling!

Learn simple spiritual practices, sacred ceremonies and rituals to help you stay connecting with your Divine Guidance 24/7!



How is this program unique?

Dr. Monique's live workshops include coaching with your Ancestors and profoundly transformational guided meditations with the Ancestors, Spirit Guides, and Angels.

You will receive custom designed sacred ceremonies to help you clear blocks to your dreams.

This is more than a home study course leaving you with the frustration of learning on your own. You will have many opportunities to receive support from Dr. Monique and the Ancestor Wisdom School guests teachers every month!

The spiritual practices and workshops will easily fit into your life not matter how busy your are!

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A new monthly program that will help you bring the wisdom and guidance from the ancestors into every aspect of your life.


At The Ancestor Wisdom School,


the Ancestors are your professors; 


Village Pearls Teachers
are the instructors,


Your Soul is the facilitator.

Enhance your Career/ Business

With the help of your Ancestors, the Professors, and our highly skilled teachers, you will experience a total emergence into a spiritual awakening that will shift your life and create lasting powerful and magnificent changes.

Align Your Soul Message & Purpose

Your Ancestors will help you understand your Soul Message, your Spirit Guides will support you by helping you to clarify your purpose, and the facilitators we have selected will help you devise a plan to live courageously.

Transform Your Relationships

Release Ancestral Karma that is preventing you from experiencing extraordinary relationships. Let your Ancestors guide you to incredible relationships. Heal from past relationships.

Each month you will be welcoming guidance from different Spirit Elders, learning how to integrate their messages into your life so that you can:

  • Sweep Away Ancestral Karma to move past your blocks

  • Share your Soul Message with the World

  • Always know the best choices for your life

  • Experience more happiness

  • Experience extreme self-love

  • Trust your intuition and divine guidance

Each month we will focus on a new theme

Relationships, Career/Business, Health, Spiritual Development and more

Week One – Guided Meditation Audio

Connect with your Ancestors and Spirit Elders Ejournal and guide to help you focus on the theme for the month

Week Two - Ancestors 101 Class

Lessons and guidance from the Ancestors Learn techniques for communicating with your Spirit Elders. Learn how to integrate the messages you receive from your Ancestors into your life.

Week Three – Coaching with the Ancestors

Intuitive Coaching and Guidance, Q/A Class - Call with the Ancestors and Spirit Elders. Receive intuitive guidance and coaching around any area of your life on this group call. You will receive a new spiritual practice each month.

Week Four – Spiritual Teachers Forum with our Guest Teacher

EVening with the Ancestors We will have a 60-90 minute Spiritual Teachers Forum with a Guest Teacher each month. Our Guest Teachers will share their work with Ancestors to help you work on the theme for the month. They will share a special ceremony to help you connect with your Ancestors. Ask questions during our Q/A call.

As member of the Ancestor Wisdom School,
you will also receive:

Village Pearls – Sacred Practices to Nourish Your Soul  – Kindle Book Ancestor Altar Guide

Membership in our private members only Facebook Group 

Ancestors Wisdom School – Year with the Ancestors will be guided by Dr. MoNique. There will also be a number of instructors for various modules each of whom brings a unique and important element to our program.

Our Guest Teachers Include:

Elizabeth Kipp

Maelinda Turner

Kim Wilborn

Charan Surdhar

Shefali Burns

Elizabeth Locey

And more

A Year with the Ancestors is an ongoing program and no matter when you join you’ll have access to a full year of monthly materials.


It is my deep wish that this monthly immersion in the wisdom and energy of the Ancestors will help you collaborate with your Spiritual Elders to create beautiful relationships, live your purpose, love yourself more, and live a happy life doing what you love with people you enjoy.


All of this for an affordable monthly tuition:


 $125 and a one-time *$99 Registration Fee

During March lock in your monthly tuition for a special rate of $99 per month

*($99 Registration Fee Waved during March) **By Registering for the program, you agree to an automatic monthly payment of $99, and you are free to cancel at any time.  




Join us now and become a part of the Ancestor Wisdom School Village!

A Year with the Ancestors
$ 99.00


  • Monthly Workshops
  • Guided Meditations
  • Membership Private Facebook Group
  • Ancestor Altar Guide
  • All Recordings from VP-Retreat
  • Ancestor U -Membership
How it Works:



The program lasts for a full year, and you pay-as-you-go on a monthly basis. (Special savings for enrolling for six months or a whole year)


Every month we will Connect and Collaborate with a new Ancestor and Spirit Elder.


Each week you will connect with the Ancestors and get support with your soul purpose, relationships, Soul Message, your work in the world and the things you most want to create.


Each month you’ll receive a link and password to a new page on our website devoted to the Ancestors and our monthly theme.


Every week for four weeks per month you will receive:


Week #1 – eJournal and Guided Meditation


Week #2 – Ancestor 101 Class –Know Your Ancestors Exercises


Week #3 – Coaching with the Ancestors & Q/A


Week #4 – Evening with the Ancestors – Guest Teachers


All of our Classes will be on Wenesdays and Thursdays and they are fully recorded and available for replay.   You will receive access to every recording.


You’ll be able to use as much or as little of the materials as you want or need to connect with your Ancestors.  Use the program in the way that works best for you.


We will have a call each month with a Guest teacher, and you will be able to submit questions and receive coaching and intuitive readings in the moment.


Everything is accessible online in PDF and Mp3 format.


You will have access to our private “Year with the Ancestors” Facebook Group where you will be able to connect with other members and share your new insights and your experiences with the Ancestors.


You will be charged $99 once per month, and you can cancel at any time. 



You Ancestors are joyously waiting to support you!

_MG_1763I am Dr. Monique, your Ancestor Wisdom School Guide, and Village Intuitive. I look forward to taking this journey with you!   Please feel free to contact me with any questions at:  

Spend A Year with the Ancestors and Transform Your Life!!

Ancestor Wisdom School
$ 99.00


  • Monthly Workshops
  • Guided Meditations
  • Membership Private Facebook Group
  • Ancestor Altar Guide
  • All Recordings from VP-Retreat
  • Ancestor Wisdom School -Membership