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Our lives rest firmly on the foundation of the sacrifices of our Ancestors. Our spirit and blood Ancestors are available to guide and support us on our path.


Learn simple Spiritual Practices you can do today to
partner with your Ancestors for guidance in your

Life, Business, Career, and Relationships.


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Honor Your Ancestors

Design Your Ancestor Altar to welcome guidance from you Spirit Elders.

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Partnering with Your Ancestors

What food is to our body, Spiritual Practice is to our soul. Engaging in a Daily Spiritual Practice helps you maintain a connection with your Divine Village of Angels, Ancestors, and Spirit Guides. There are rituals you can use to call on the spirits of your Ancestors to share their wisdom and guidance. Their ability to see cross-dimensionally can help you with your Soul’s journey and purpose. The Ancestors know you, and how you feel. They know about critical issues you are facing. They can help you reconnect the energetic wires that have become loose within you so that you can regain your health, solve challenges and come up with creative solutions.

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Honoring Your Ancestors Designing your Ancestor Altar

An Ancestor altar is a special way to connect with and gain support from your Spirit Elders. It can be as simple as a photograph and a glass of water, or as elaborate as the spirits direct.

Your Ancestor altar is one way of making a deep connection with the spiritual realms both with your blood Ancestors and with the spirits of friends and heroes or people in history that you respect. Your Ancestor altar is an antenna for your Ancestors who will take notice that you venerate and wish to work with spirits.